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Well, I have a highly developed sense of irony.

Iggy, Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

James Griffiths
(real name)
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Family Mr. Griffiths (Tom Griffiths),

Mrs. Griffiths, The Flock

Status Alive
Eye Color Pale Blue
Hair Color Strawberry Blonde
Height About 6' 2"
Affiliation The Flock
Weapons Explosives and Bombs,

his hands and feet

Species Avian-human Hybrids
Home Nowhere
Appearances The Angel Experiment,

School's Out - Forever, Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, The Final Warning, MAX, FANG, ANGEL, Nevermore

Iggy (real name James Griffiths) is a "bird kid" around the same age as Max and Fang. He is also a member of the Flock, and is considered one of the main characters in the series, as he appears in every book.


He is approximately 6'2", and has (sightless) ice blue eyes, pale skin, and strawberry blonde hair. Like the other Flock members, it's believed their wings are based on the design of hawks, but in School's Out - Forever, in Angel's point-of-view, "Iggy was a big white seabird, like an albatross or something."

Abilities and Personality


Sight-Related Abilities

While at the School, the whitecoats attempted an experiment to enhance Iggy's night vision, but failed, leaving him permanently blind. However, he can see when his environment is white.

Despite his lack of sight, he uses the other senses to make up for it. His navigation skills and coordination is sometimes even more superior than the rest of the Flock. For another example, he had no problem being blind at the Flock's old house unless someone moved the furniture.

In an early conflict, one of the Erasers said that if the flock had not escaped when they did, the whitecoats would have replaced Iggy's useless eyes with computerized ones. However, Iggy's self-mutation, found in The Final Warning, turns out to be an ability to see colors by touching them (this ability is also referred to as synesthesia). He can also "see" whiteness (and it is mentioned that he is able to identify the flock by their fingerprints or the feel of their feathers or skin).


He is also a master at making bombs. He and Gazzy usually act as a team when working with explosives, with Iggy using his hearing to locate a target and Gazzy acting as the eyes. (In The Angel Experiment, they set off two bombs in order to get away from the Erasers, but it cost them their home. Also, in School's Out - Forever, they set off a stink bomb in a regular school while staying with Anne Walker.)

Iggy seems to have an endless supply of bombs, as said by Max, and she "doesn't know where in the world he hides them."


When it comes to cooking, Iggy is the chef and is able to cook fairly well under most conditions. He cooks breakfast at the beginning of The Angel Experiment because he doesn't want Max to burn their last frying pan.


He also has a highly developed sense of hearing: he can identify another member of the flock simply by hearing their footsteps.

Overall, Iggy appears to have the best senses, coordination, and home economics abilities of the entire flock.


In Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, Iggy mockingly replied that he has a "highly developed sense of irony" when questioned on what abilities he possessed by Dr. Roland ter Borcht. This has proven true in most of the other books, though many of his ironic jokes pertain to his lack of sight.

Iggy adores explosives, fire, and anything that blows up. He also likes to cook.

Despite his constant jokes about being blind, he is quite emotionally distraught about losing his sight at times. In School's Out - Forever, after following yet another hopeless lead to find the flock's parents, Iggy breaks down, saying the rest of the flock didn't understand, and that "[their] lost wasn't as bad as [his] lost." Max convinces him to stay with them by saying that she would feel incomplete without him—or without any of them.

Another time, in FANG, Iggy said that he learned he wanted to see after touring an art museum.

During Nevermore, Angel is forced to watch a film of his surgery, which James Patterson describes very graphically. Iggy never reveals how painful it was for him to anyone in the series.


The Flock helped Iggy find his parents after seeing them interviewed on TV. (He also is the first member of the flock to find their parents.) After talking to them, the Flock learns that Iggy's real name is James Griffiths and that he was kidnapped by the School at the age of four months and was gone without a trace. They confirm his identity by showing his birthmark—a small red mark on his back, on his left side. After briefly leaving the Flock to live with his parents, he returns to his friends and explains that his parents wanted to make money out of his mutations. This furthers the Flock's fears about what their parents may think of them.


Max and ella

Max talking to Ella


Although a relationship with Max is purely fictional, Miggy persists among fans. It is true that unlike Fang, Iggy has never seemed to truly quarrel with Max. He cares about her deeply, and vice versa, although most fan-fictions revolve around Max's view of him as purely a brother or even a son. In School's Out—Forever, Max said this when the Flock didn't find their parents: "But if you think I'm going to let you give up on us now, you've got another think coming. Yes, you're a blind mutant freak, but you're my blind mutant freak, and you're coming with me, now, you're coming with us right now, or I swear I'll kick your skinny white ass from here to the middle of next week . . . Iggy, I need you. I love you. I need all of you, all five of you, to feel whole myself. Now get up, before I kill you . . . We're your family. We'll always be your family." Also, in ANGEL, when Ella talks to Max about how she has a crush on Iggy, Max feels strange, as if hearing Ella talking about having a crush on her son. A son as old as she is, she reminds herself. That he has grown up and can have a relationship. Max likes cookies, as well, but Iggy thinks it's stupid.


An in-flock relationship, slightly less common than Miggy, is Nudge and Iggy. However, not much true interaction between the two has occurred besides slight pairings or just a brotherly and sisterly way between them such as how Iggy and Nudge partnered up at the wedding at the end of FANG. Another example would be in The Angel Experiment when Angel was captured, the Flock had gone back to the house, feeling empty, and Iggy let Nudge put her head on his shoulder and stroked her hair. Yet another example is in School's Out—Forever, when Nudge and Iggy were walking down the beach and Nudge was putting different shells in Iggy's hands so he could feel them. In MAX, when Nudge left to live a normal life, Iggy had confessed that he actually missed Nudge's "run-on mouth" and brownness. But, like Miggy, Niggy is purely fictional.


There is no clear affection between Iggy and Angel, but in The Final Warning, Iggy had popped back Angel's arm in place when Gozen had snapped it.


She has a crush on Iggy. Although it has not yet been clearly stated whether Iggy has a crush on her, they do interact quite a bit in ANGEL, such as the campfire in a desert when Iggy calms her down when she discovers her mother is missing. Also, Iggy and Ella shared a kiss in public when they were reunited in Nevermore


In School's Out - Forever, Iggy met Tess. It mentioned quite a few times that he felt like a blind idiot when he was around her. She was described as tall, like him, and that was why she talked with him. She once said to Iggy, "we match" because they're the same height. In this same conversation, he mentioned the quote above about him feeling like a blind idiot. Fang even jokes to Iggy, "You're slayin' 'em, big guy".

Fang and iggy

Fang and Iggy


Fang and Iggy resemble brothers. For example, when the Flock was staying at the hospital in School's Out—Forever, they had a conversation as The Gasman (Gazzy) something like this:

"So, F-nick, can I change the channel?" Iggy asked. "There's a game on."

"Make yourself at home, Figgy," Fang said.

Iggy and gazzy

Iggy and Gazzy


Gazzy is described in the book as being Iggy's best friend and partner in crime. They like to make bombs together, play video games, and Gazzy is usually partnered up with Iggy. Gazzy is mostly the one that describes stuff to him and even gives him "vision lessons."

In MAX, when Gazzy and Iggy saved the day by destroying the M-Geeks that had surrounded the sub, everyone broke down with laughter as they called their torpedo explosive the "Gaz-Ig-Nart technique."


  • In MAX, Iggy and the Gasman both agree that they want to be action figures. Iggy wants to be called the "White Knight" because of his pale looks. But even though their battle against Max and Fang did not work, Iggy still helps and encourages in the act of pyrotechnics alongside Gazzy.
  • Iggy is able to feel colors, make explosives, and cook better than Max—or the rest of the flock for that matter. Like the rest of the flock he has great hearing but his is a lot better than the others. Max feels comfortable and safer when Iggy looks out when they camp out during book two because "a cockroach couldn't go within 50 feet from them without Iggy knowing about it."
  • At the end of the third book, when the flock members unite and go to Dr. Martinez's—Max's mom's—house, where he tends to be very shy around Ella.
  • He is featured on the third volume of the Maximum Ride manga by NaRae Lee.

Volume 3

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