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Sorry -- I got thrown. But listen: If we fight, we fight together. We're a team. Got it?

–Maya, Nevermore

Max II (or Maya from ANGEL to Nevermore) first appeared in book two, where she was part of a plan that the whitecoats made to replace Max and have the flock "retired." Her next appearence was in book three, where she is in a mutant camp in Germany under the Director, seen with Angel II and Nudge II. It is unknown if the flock boys had and/or have clones. Her third appearence is in ANGEL where she joins Fang's Gang insisting on being called "Maya" instead of "Max II", and in Nevermore she is killed by one of Ari's clones and she dies in Fang's arms. In ANGEL, she is described as having magenta streaks in her hair, and in Nevermore she has a short pixie cut "to distinguish herself from Max", but otherwise and in every other book she is describes as looking exactly like Max.

Max II, or Maya, is a Maximum Ride duplicate introduced in School's Out--Forever. She looks exactly like Max,
Max ll

Max ll

but her personality is different. She also asks to cook for the Flock when the real Max is kidnapped and she took her place. The Flock jokes that they figured out the replica wasn't Max when she asked to cook, offered to fix Nudge's hair, and ordering Total off of the bed repeatedly.

At the end of School’s Out Forever, Max II fought what was supposed to be a death match with the original Max, but was spared because Max refused to kill her clone, telling the white coats she wouldn't sink to their pathetic level. Max regards her clone as another person.

Max II's whereabouts after the bomb at the Itexicon building were unknown until Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports when the Flock found her at the headquarters of Itex in Germany with other mutants preparing for termination. She warns the original Max about how fast Itex is killing the mutants and says that they have about a day before they are terminated.

Max II is part of Fang's Gang in ANGEL . She also goes by the name Maya for the duration of the book. It was said she had a faint pink streak in her hair. Max is furious after finding out about this, and she and Fang often argue about it. Max begins to think Maya is just her replacement. Although Fang shows signs of having feelings for her, Maya knows it's only because he misses Max. Maya also argues with Max, saying that she is her own person, and not just a clone. Fang is on Maya's side in these arguments, and he says Maya is unique.

In NEVERMORE Maya dies while battling Ari's clone.

Personality Edit

In the second book, Max II dislikes the Flock and Total, thinks of them as irritating. She wonders why Max stays with them. She seems to have a bad temper, and isn't much like the real Max at all. She seems convinced that the original Max is full of herself, but speaks with empathy when observing her.

She seems to have a soft spot for Ari, since she is known to hang around with Ari in suspicious ways, on rooftops and other places. Ari enjoys Max II's company since she bothers Jeb and since she is identical to the original Max.

In ANGEL, it is shown more plainly that she is her own person, not just Max's clone. She does not want to be anything like Max. (Which is impossible, because thats why Fang loves her.)


  • Physically, she is an exact replica of Max. Mentally, she is not.
  • She is also much more sensitive than the original Max.
  • In ANGEL, Max hints that Maya was the bird-girl form the Institute for Higher Living. But in the 2nd manga of the series, the bird girl is shown and (mentioned by Max) resembles Max only in that fact that they have wings and are more or less the same age, not in appearance. So it is safe to say that the chances are unlikely.
  • In Sanskrit, Maya means illusion. This might be a reference to Maya looking the same as Max.

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